Shane Keough

Business Development and Partnership Strategist Rain Systems, Inc.

Photo of Shane Keough.

Shane Keough is an athlete turned entrepreneur working with Rain Systems. In partnership with Rain Systems, his company,WeGoFor2, LLC, engineers ecological programs that not only benefit shareholders, but also positively impacts local communities + global environmental health.

Shane’s roots in sports began long before he was born. His grandfather; a scout for the St. Louis Cardinals, and his father; a pitcher for the Oakland A’s and Japan’s Hansin Tigers; created an opportunity for most of Shane’s childhood to be spent around the game of baseball. In 2006 Shane followed in his family’s footsteps and signed with the Oakland Athletics. He played four seasons in their minor-league system as an outfielder.

During the 2010 season Shane was diagnosed with a torn patellar tendon; an injury that would require surgery. During his rehabilitation Shane created his first company, Doc Discover; a web-platform for patients to locate the best medical professionals for their condition. Shane wanted to create a search engine that highlighted the qualifications of a medical professional; not just their ability to market online. Through Doc Discover Shane’s passion for helping others was born.

In 2013 Shane signed with LA Model Management; an opportunity that led him to star in two independent films. Although Shane enjoyed acting, it was the collaborative, team effort of skilled individuals working together towards a singular goal that began to inspire his next business venture.

In 2016 Shane founded Solar Waste Reprocessing, LLC; a company aimed to maximize the potential energy of municipal waste. The company’s focus soon shifted to agricultural waste; specifically recovering vital resources currently uncultivated, including soil-nutrients and water.

Currently, Shane is working as Business Development and Partnership Strategist at Rain Systems to launch their eco-friendly services to reduce irrigation for customers and sports teams across the country. Shane’s mission is to show the world that what is good for business can also be great for the environment.